Xanthi S – content creator – what you should expect to see in my channel

Hello friends 🙂

If you are first time visiting or reading here, welcome.

A short intro and explanation. I do tech oriented videos but I’m not a tech channel.

I have a lot of content regarding WordPress and Elementor and how to build websites. For a while I did a bunch of WordPress/Elementor how tos Live streams. It has been so much fun and I love engage with people. I still do lives, just not as often.

I have vlogs 🙂 I will take you around where I leave and show you the nature around me.

I have collaborations where I talk about geeky, nerdy, gaming or tech things.

I do games and talk about pop culture. Follow me on social media to not miss a video or a live stream.

And of course stop by my channel and if you enjoy what you see like and subscribe 😀


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