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Work and YouTube updates

Hello friends.

This is not your typical blog post on this website. I usually post tutorials and guides about websites, WordPress, Elementor, SEO, and social media.

But I want this blog to be the home of my digital thoughts as well, therefore this post is to inform you about my latest work updates but also what is happening on my Youtube and streaming adventures. All good, I promise, so here are all the details.

Work update

I’m so excited to start a new job, at a very exciting company in just 3 days from now. I’m writing this post today which is Friday and I’m starting on Monday. I’m so excited because it’s a great company in the IT and Digital solutions world and I’m honoured that they chose me to be a part of their team. I want to do good there and learn as much as possible.

I’ll keep you updated.

Youtube and streaming updates

I create content on YouTube. You probably know that by now. I have my own personal channel where I post WordPress and Elementor-related videos (including some old vlogs, and various videos that have nothing to do with WordPress but that’s ok).

I’m also a member of the XGN channel, which is the channel I and two other friends created where we stream and create video game content. We stream on Kick, where you can find us here, and we upload our stuff on YouTube as well. On that YouTube channel, I create short guides for the games I have played but also video games news related videos and stuff like that. Give us a follow if you like video games, and especially if you are Gen X or older Millenia 😀

Thank you for reading my work and content creation update. See you soon 🙂

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