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Why you want a website?

Progress. That’s why you want one.

You understand that we don’t just live in the present but we actually live in the future – if that makes sense – and even though there are still many brick and mortar business and they will continue to exist, a great percentage of business is done digitally.


I don’t want to say how much of a percentage because that can vary a lot from country to country, from culture to culture but there is no doubt that we do many of our everyday activities on our computer of better yet, on our mobile phone.


So probably you realized that you need an online presence, or to improve your online presence if you already have one.


I will tell you the benefits of having a website.

  • You can tell your story to the world on a 24/7 basis
  • Your store/blog/ company is always open and available to the crowd
  • You have control of the content and the message you want to say to your customers or followers
  • And many more that depend on where you are aiming at
  • For instance e-shops can offer customer support and troubleshooting skipping the phone calling, or even following your delivery that you ordered a few days ago.


But let’s not forget social media and the power they have. Our society is changing, it is adapting to the new ways of communication. Depending on your market you probably realize that you need to be on Instagram and showcase your products.

If you share tips or educational material then maybe Facebook or Twitter is your platform.

Do you love videos? Then Youtube is the place for you.

Are you a music enthusiast. Why not try musical.ly ?


No matter the reason you know that being online is the future, because we live in it.


Having a website, a blog, an e-shop is the only way that you have figured it will help you to reach for a larger market. And you are absolutely right.


Go for it, engage, share your valuable content and information with your followers. I’m almost certain that it will bring back to you much more than you have expected.


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