Why does clickvoyagers exist? It’s a hub for space geeks

So I was thinking about the purpose of this website and it is something that me and my friend created so of course I consulted with my fellow Spacecookie and Art mastermind Vaso, about the purpose of this website.

She is great with those things and she actually found our tag line:

“A hub for Geeks”, for Spacegeeks.


So I told her the points that you can read on the list bellow and she said “Yes, this is our manifesto”.

So there it is:

Why does Spacecookies website exist? Why do you want to be here with us?

Because you want:

virtual reality 1. To be part of the coolest geeky community.

2. To be part of the cool mom community, not the sanctimommy community.

3. To find relatable geeky material.

4. To find relatable mom advice.

5. To be part of a 30 or 40+ gamers community that is more casual than the casuals, or as hardcore as you want.

6. To be part of a liberal community that does not judge if you eat chips or if you give your kid ready made food, or if you exercise once a week or not at all. You are still a cool and awesome.

7. To be part of a community that is laid back but who also stands out in your own unique way.

8. To be part of a community that consists of awesome people.

9. To be a fellow spacecookie.


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