The struggle of going to the gym and a Ted motivational talk

The pattern is the following:

Yes Yes I’ve got this! I will go to the gym! Yeah girl power!

I need a friend though cause I’m too lazy/shy to go by myself (the excuses begin).

friend: Yes Yes me too that’s a great idea let’s go together! Yay more girl power!

You are so pumped and you go together to the gym and the first three weeks is like honeymoon! gym

Then suddenly something comes up.

“My kid is sick”.

“I have to go to x place that I have forgotten it was today, sorry we go tomorrow to the gym”

“I*m too tired”

“It’s raining outside” (not a real excuse).

and you know the rest.

The most it can last is 3 months.

Then the magic is gone. Then you stop going to the gym all in all.

I know it, you know it, we all know it, it takes self motivation and discipline to get your butt out of that door (my butt as well).

Having small kids is a valid excuse to be honest and don’t buy that shit the Instagram moms are telling you. Not because they are doing something wrong but you don’t know what’s behind the cameras.

I have a small kid he is three and the struggle is real. But I believe there is always time to do something good for your body.

Can you do twice a week? Perfect, then do it. That’s what I say to myself. Realistically speaking, I can find 2 times a week to exercise.

Don’t get lazy (lol yeah look at the mirror smart ass) but I’m writing these lines in order to motivate myself as well.

We got this! let’s leave the sofa and hit the gym! Or just go and take a walk. It’s the best thing for your body and it helps to clear the mind. No need for expensive training clothes. Put something comfy and go for a 30 mins walk. You will feel better. It’s something I have started doing with a colleague, on our lunch break, it was her suggestion and it’s great. It helps clear my thoughts and it gives me energy.
But if my arguments are not persuasive enough, then maybe science can persuade you.

Watch this great TED talk about the Brain Changing Benefits of Exercise, by Wendy Suzuki.



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