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How to start a blog – a practical step by step guide

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This is an absolute beginner’s guide, but this is the only guide you need. Congrats on wanting to join the fantastic world of blogging and content creation. I really mean it 🙂 it’s challenging, it’s hard work but it’s soooo rewarding. You’ll love it. I hope you are ready so lets go! First things first. […]

Crocoblock plugins for WordPress and Elementor – overview 2022

Hello guys and girls. Since I’m using Crocoblock almost on a daily basis for work, I’ve decided to make some videos where I go through as many as I can widgets from their lifetime bundle. I don’t use or know by heart what all of their widgets do, but I know a few pretty well. […]

How to find your dashboard in WordPress.com? Super easy and fast tutorial

You signed up to wordpress.com and you want to create your first post. You know that there is a dashboard somewhere but you scan’t find it. You end up in this reader/my sites page with basic posting capabilities. UUUggh, where is it? It’s super easy and I will show you how to find it. I […]

What is the difference of WordPress.org vs WordPress.com?

I know many are confused about this and I used to be like you. What is the difference between WordPress.Org and Wordpess.Com I mean they are both named WordPress right? The short answer is WordPress.ORG is self hosted and WordPress.COM is hosted on …well.. WordPress.COM I know it’s confusing and I’ll try to explain as […]