Spacecookies chronicles. The story so far.

After some recent events and a lot of brainstorming we decided, me and Vaso, that we do not wish to be involved in the web creation world through this website. Not because we don’t love it or we don’t work with it anyway. But because it is not the step we want to take right now and because Spacecookies is going to be our own hub, our platform where you gather our thoughts and creativity.

We are so much active in the social media or better yet, in the digital space and you can find us on instagram, faceboom (admittedly not that much recently, twitter, IGTV as well and on random wordpress websites.

Our recent projects involve a lot of Youtube activity, as in we are exploring the film making area. I have been creating vlogs, funny (imo) geeky videos and the other Spacecookie is participating in the fine art of whisky tasking. You can follow her steps here.

As of now we are still in the “figuring it out” period but we are very much active in creating interesting and wonderful content.

If you wish to follow us you can do it here:

Xanthi aka Sandy:



IGTV: morgy23



IGTV: caskstrengthwarrior

And this is our Spacecookies Youtube channel

Keep following our website to see where our trip is taking.

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