Spacecookies chronicles. The beginning – February 2018

I have been known Vaso for the past billion years. We have been friends and colleagues in different projects of our lives.

Recently as we were video chatting we made the decision of *finally* joining our forces and becoming a team.  We have been working anyway together in the past, so why not do it officially? It didn’t take much for either of us to get persuaded. It was an instant “yes”!

Once we took the decision Vaso got us a domain name and I arranged the hosting. It all happened in a matter of a few days during February 2018. We were, and still are, very excited for what we have started and when I asked her “Vaso, we have been stupid, why didn’t we think of it earlier?”, she replied to me  “no, this was the perfect timing for us as everything happens for a reason”.

We brainstormed for max 30 minutes and we agreed on this name. That was the birth of the Spacecookies.

After we took care of the technicalities of setting up the domain name, hosting and installing WordPress we then found a nice theme for us and we started building our little planet (yes this is a space related nickname for our website).

We are still in the process of building so any feedback is welcome.

As of today, 5/3/2018 there are many things that need to be done like graphical elements (that’s Vaso’s field), taking care of SEO factors (my field), making a social media presence and strategy, making the content visible on the website, sorting out our business thoughts, decide on what type of promotion and ads we need to do, eat healthier and many more.

Through this blog I plan on sharing with you all of our challenges and excitements while bringing this project to life.

We welcome you to join us in our Spacecookies journey through cyberspace.

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