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Should we trust all the videos we see from now on? AI-generated videos

I’m not one to oppose the advances of technology. Quite the contrary, I embrace it and, to speak more casually, I love it.

I have loved chatGPT since the first day I used it, and I still do. Midjourney blew my mind and I love to see the development of the images produced with each update of their technology.

We have seen also how dangerous it is to create fake news (not just with the help of AI) by looking back at the Pope image effect. Everyone believed it was a real image, the one that was showing the Pope wearing a very fashionable white long puffer jacket, not anything at all like his regular attire.

Many believed that this picture was authentic. Even I did for a second.

Now we have videos created with Sora. Amazing technology. The fact that you can input a prompt only to give you back a spectacular-looking video is remarkable.

But who is going to regulate the truth of it? This has been an issue before, this is not something new. Deep fakes have been around for many years.

And now we have Sora, where we can create videos with any given prompt. The limit is our imagination.

Sora is not available to the public yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

We will be able to and will create artistic videos, fantastic videos that can be used in movies, or advertisements. But what about fake news? Creating videos with fake riots? Will that be allowed? They say they are working on it to prevent it. Will they succeed? Are we going to see celebrities doing things they haven’t done? Will we see people manipulating this amazing technology to create scandals?

From Mashable:
OpenAI says it’s still in red-teaming phase. That means Sora is being adversarially tested to make sure it doesn’t produce harmful or inappropriate content


I can’t help but have, for the first time, negative thoughts about AI-generated images or videos. It’s not that I was naive. But I have always been a technology optimist. I find it hard to be that today.

I don’t want to stop the progress of this amazing technology. I don’t want to go back. We can’t go back. It is already happening. But it is important to understand what is real and what is fake.

I know I will get fooled by it. But I believe I will have the calmness to do a double check, to investigate, to use my critical thinking.

Social media will take advantage of it and fake videos will be generated, you can count on it.

I urge you to question and investigate everything from now on.

Do not believe anything you see digitally. If there was a time when we should not believe what we see on the internet, this time is now.

What are your thoughts?


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