Pop goes the stream ep#5 – 1984 the year of epic pop culture milestones

On this episode Xanthi and Robert will discuss about the cool 80s, and most specifically about the year 1984 and all the cool pop culture things that happened. Films, songs, toys and more. Join us to find out and participate.

Official episode description:

No time machine required as Xanthi and Rob go back in time to the most memorable and fascinating time in Pop Culture… 1984 !!!!
Come join the discussion, what was your favorite memory?
Show Description:

Our monthly show is inclusive and welcome to engage, interact, and entertain our viewers and listeners. This show will be multi-streamed with Xanthi’s YouTube channel. Subjects will range from all aspects of pop culture (movie, tv, comics, gaming for starters), in various mediums video/audio, and much more.


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