Our top ten favourite movies

This is a films appreciation article so that you can get to know us better when it comes to movies.

Many many years ago when be and my other co-spacecookie Vaso where “babies” (it was the early 2000s) she put Ghost in the Shell DVD (Yes DVD) for us to watch. I was aware of that anime film but I never watched so I had no idea what it was about. Vaso put it for me and we watched it together. It blew my mind!

So after this mini trip back to memory lane I present you our top 10 favourite films, which is a combination of mine, hers and both our all time favourite films.

  1. Pirates of the silicon valley
  2. Goonies
  3. Weird science
  4. The Matrix (ok all of them but obviously the first)
  5. The 13nth floor
  6. The nightmare before Christmas
  7. Ghost in the shell (all versions)
  8. Hardware
  9. Velvet Goldmine
  10. Interstellar

Do we have the same taste in films? What’s your favourite all time movies?


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