My super fast make up routine ideal for busy moms

Every morning it’s the same thing. Get up, make a coffee (we have a Nespresso machine so that’s the only thing that happens fast in this household), get dressed, put on some makeup so that you won’t look like zombie, get the toddler dressed, which is like trying to put clothes on to an octopus, leave the house and go to kindergarten, then work.

It’s not like I want a big production makeup. I just don’t want to look like a dead person. Therefore I have been working on figuring out a fastest make up routine formula that can be done under 3 minutes “ toddlers time” which means under 20 seconds maybe?

I came down to the following procedure which If you are mom or if you are a very busy person then you might find the following useful 🙂

Oh, and the following products can be whatever brand you want. From drugstore products to high end brands, that’s up to you.

  • Face cream. Whatever you have, just put some daily hydrating cream. Your skin will thank you.
  • Foundation either liquid or in powder form. Whatever YOU find more convenient to apply. I use this one with a brush and it does the trick.

    Korres foundation
    Korres foundation
  • Eye shadow in nude colours. The good thing with nude colours is that if you are not as good in applying the eye shadow it doesn’t matter, cause since it’s all natural shades then any mistakes (as if I care or better as if I know if I make mistakes or not) don’t show as much. Yes, that’s my pro tip xD
  • Mascara. Well this one is a must!
  • Lip balm or your favourite lip stick/gloss. It doesn’t take much to apply and it can elevate the whole thing.
  • You are done!
  • Optional. You can apply a quick blush layer. Done!

It won’t take you more than 5 mins and you will look put together and chic.

And to be fair I should give credit to my friends O and R who are makeup gurus and who have helped me with their expertise and tips on products (urban decay 🖤)

Hope you found the above useful. If you have quick makeup tips let me know in the comments!

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