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Must have items on a plane

It’s not that I’m a frequent flyer but I live in a country different than my home country so I travel a few times a year to visit friends and family. The flight from Sweden, well actually Denmark, to Athens is approximately 3 hours. It’s not too short not too long either but in any case I want to have a few items with me to make the whole trip easier.

So I will get right to it.

Gadgets. One category for all. There is no way I’m going to fly without my phone, my tablet and my earbuds. I suppose no one flies without their phone nowadays. Even in flight mode it’s still very useful as you can listen to music, watch things downloaded from Netflix, download a few podcast, or read an e-book. Or even play a game that doesn’t require for an internet connection. Like Deus Ex Go which I have it installed in my tablet.

So, so far we have:

  1. Smartphone
  2. Tablet (either devices loaded with music, podcasts, e-books or games)
  3. Earbuds, or headphones. I prefer earbuds cause they don’t take much space 

Books. Obviously if you are not a digital person you can always have the old times classic book. The advantage with a book is that you don’t risk being out of battery 😛

Socks. If you think your feet will suffer from the flight, as in your feet are going to swell, then there are special compression socks that you can buy and wear – preferably an hour before flight – which will help you stay comfy. If you have sensitive feet, get them. I have and I get them. Sometimes I forget them and even though my feet don’t swell, I do feel extra tired or that short of numb pain.

Travel size toiletries. Well I always have some short of wet wipes with me as I have a 3 year old also so you never know what kind of liquids will be spilled on him or ejected from him. I have some women’s necessities (tampons, intimate wipes) and also hand sanitizer. Anything in that direction is good to have as airports and airplanes are full of germs so if you are on a flight that they serve food, if it’s not easy to go wash your hands just use a sanitizing wipe or something in that direction.

Deodorant. Yes I always carry on actually whether I’m traveling or not. You never know when you might need it and it’s not nice (for whatever reason) to smell bad.

Big scarf. Especially in the colder months of the year. It’s very cozy to wear one and it can be handy if you start to feeling cold up in the air. Just take it and wrap it around you and enjoy the flight

Simple makeup kit. A foundation in powder form and some mascara for me are great to freshen up and get rid of the extra shine on my face. Then I as an absolute must-have I would say it’s my lip balm. My lips can get rather dry especially while on air so having a lip balm is great. I have one with a district colour so it works also as lip-gloss.

Power bank. I always keep my things fully charged before a flight but you never know so I always have my power bank with me for cases of emergency. What that emergency might be? Give the tablet to my son to watch cartoons while on flight if this is the only thing that can calm him down. So what if it’s getting out of battery? Panic! But not any more since I have my power bank.

Note: If you ever go on a flight with your toddler kid just be prepared for the worse xD

Sunglasses. Definitely! You know even if it’s in the middle of winter with the most cloudy sky, the plain will go over the clouds so if it’s a day-time flight then you will be needing those sunglasses so don’t forget them.


Bonus for mums of small kids or babies:
Diapers: 4 should be enough during such a trip even in the rare case of a diarrhea.

This is pretty much my list for must have in flight items that don’t take much space and can be fit in any bag. I hope you liked it and I hope it can help you when you are planning your next trip.

What are your favourite/must have in flight items?



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