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How to step up your blogging game with attractive images on your posts

This is something I try to improve constantly on my articles and by no means am I perfect but and I will share with you my thoughts on how to step up your blogging game.

We, humans, are visual creatures. Well, audio also but in the blogging world, it’s visual that counts.

Reading is great, and attracting viewers by having nice titles and content is the n.1 thing you should do, but we don’t live in the 90s anymore where every word on the internet was important and we read every single one of them. Admittedly we tend to scan many of the articles nowadays and granted we don’t have the luxury of reading long articles always.

That’s why we need images. Images tell their own story and get the attention of the viewer. I try to use nice eye-catching images on this blog and I will tell you a few tips of how I do it.

Make use of the right image can make a difference and I’m always trying to improve my photo-shooting skills or Photoshopping skills.

I’m not affiliated with any of the following links but I really really like them so I will share them with you. If you are a new blogger – like me – and are lost I highly recommend taking advantage of them. The best part? They are free!

They have a huge selection of templates, designs images and pictures that a free to use, but they also have premium ones that are usually as cheap as 1$.

CANVA Print screen

  • Then we have Pexels.com a website with a great gallery of free images for you to download and use on your blog.

like this one:

girl working on her laptop in bed

  • My next tool of choice is my all time favourite Pixlr. This is an online image editor that can help you do wonders. Its editor is similar to Photoshop so if you are familiar with it it will be a piece of cake for you to use it. They have a great app as well that help you enhance your images in a very fast and easy way.

pixlr edito screen

All of the above tools are free (with premium features as well) but so far I’m covered with their free version.

I do believe that visual elements work positive in our brain and help digest the content in a more fan way so I hope my recommendations will help you with your blogging adventures and if you have questions or comments I will be happy to read them below.

See you next time 🙂


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