Social media strategies for youtuber or streamers and how to create a content plan

Where to promote or market yourself as a vlogger, or a streamer or, in general, a content creator?

In this blog post I want to share the things I do to promote myself on social media, and hopefully it will inspire you to do the same, or maybe give you some other ideas. In any case I hope you  will find it helpful 🙂

Make a social media content plan

Everything starts with a good plan. A good plan will help you get organized, and will help you measure your goals (free google spreadsheet).

Before you start you need to think carefully where you will most probably find your audience. In other words, you need to identify your target audience.

Is it people that might hang out more on Instagram? On Facebook? On Twitter? Tiktok? Yes, I know nowadays many are on all the platforms, but we don’t want you to get overwhelmed or burned out by social media, right?

Sure, if you have a team that can help you, you can do that. But if you are a one person team, then it’s better if you stick to 1-2 platforms and go all in.

If you are an Instagram or Facebook person, I highly recommend using their Meta business suite, because they have a pretty good content planner. I always recommend doing the posts authentically and on real time, but let’s get serious. Life is busy and hectic as it is, so having the option of planning a few posts here and there, it can only be a good thing. I also plan a few of my social media posts and I’m completely guilt free.

However, if you don’t want to schedule automatically, I do recommend making some sorts of a planning to help you keep things structured. It can be a google spreadsheet, or an excel file, or a calendar of some sorts. Whatever you find more useful, go for it.

Here is an old screenshot of my Notion calendar:

Any type of planning, will help you build a strategy and it will help you set goals that you can then measure.

Here is how I plan my posts and some ideas for your social media planning

I am very active on Twitter and I try to increase my following there, as a way to bring people to my Youtube channel. I use Canva for producing my thumbnails and a lot of my images for social media. Their paid plan has an amazing content planner which I use to schedule a few twitter posts. I don’t over do it, as I don’t want everything to be automatic. I do tweet personally many times, but I schedule upcoming shows updates, or newly uploaded videos on my channel.

I also use Instagram. Their Meta Business suit is very good to plan Instagram posts, but also stories. This one is totally free, so why not using it?

I also use Notion to plan my content, as in I write down my ideas of video tutorials I want to make, or ideas for a livestream. They also have a schedule option, and back then when I was streaming 3 times a week, I got a wonderful piece of advice, to just brainstorm with myself and plan a whole month of videos ideas. This made me not having to worry about what I will be talking about, and since I had that sorted out, I was able to focus on other areas in my content creation journey 🙂

Social media and SEO tips as a content creator

As a content creator, or a Youtuber, or a streamer, you need to show up to where your audience is.

It’s important to have good titles and descriptions on your videos. In other words, you need to do some basic SEO.

Additionally, if you have the skills and the time to create short clips of longer stream sessions, then go for it. Short clips that can be used on twitter or on Instagram, will definitely get the attention. And I’m not just saying to create shorts. Just think of it as highlight from your video.

Shorts or Tiktok are a big thing right now, so if you can, you can definitely take advantage of short clips. I personally find it time consuming, but I know it’s important to have a presence there.

BUT as I said before, if it is stressing you out, just avoid it 🙂

However, this is want I managed to do. I made 3 short videos the other day. I use Filmora as my video editor, so I could create a canva on portrait orientation, perfect for Tiktok or Instagram reels. Then I took a few of my previous podcasts, found a clip (that is the time consuming part imo) cut them out from the episode and used them.

It was not a big production, and I didn’t overdo it with the editing as other, more professional ones do, but hey, it got the job done. And it gave me a nice feeling of accomplishement.

Here are some ideas

  1. Plan 1 hour at a specific day a week for scheduling your upcoming posts, whether on Twitter or Instagram or other platforms. Like take a calendar and write, on Monday I’ll post this. On Wednesday I’ll post this. Write down the text and find the images. And keep in mind that each platform has it’s own style. Short sentences on Twitter, Longer texts on Instagram with images or videos, etc.
  2. Either on the same day, or on a different day, especially if you have a busy schedule, use the content schedule planner of your choice and schedule some of the posts in advance. Either on Buffer, or on Meta business or on Canva,  it doesn’t matter. Whatever works for you best.
  3. Make your schedule, and start measure the progress after a couple of weeks. Stick to your initial plan of posting on Mondays on platform X, on Wednesdays on Platform Y etc, and after 15 days or so, start writing your own report of whatever you want to measure, Likes, Followers, engagement or comments.

Actually, that’s pretty much it, and I know you can ace it.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this strategy and if it’s something you are already using. Any questions are more than welcome.


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