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How to make money from blogging

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This one here will be a no b*shit guide. Please excuse my language, as I usually don’t talk like that, but I just wanted to make it clear that I don’t want to trick you into reading something that won’t help you.

And I won’t  go on and on about how you need hosting, and how to buy it and how to install WordPress. No, these are easy things – even if you might feeling overwhelmed if you are just getting started. I will give you solid advice and what to expect to give you motivation and inspiration, and hopefully to guide you to the right direction.

I have made mistakes. I am not monetizing this blog, but I work as website developer in an agency. I build WordPress websites for a living. I have seen things and I do love blogging myself, so I read things. A lot.

Here is how to make money blogging from my own experience and from the valuable things I have read on other peoples blog.

  1. You should keep writing. Start writing today, if that’s what you want, just install a standard theme and write content. It is the content, it is the story that is important. At least now at the beginning. You need to tell to Google “hey I’m here”. So just keep writing 🙂
  2. This is a piece of advice that is valid even on Youtube. I have a youtube channel and what I say and what the experts and big names say is that your first videos will suck. In the same manner – I don’t want to be rude but hear me out – your first articles are not going to be that good. Unless you are a naturally gifted writer, for which I’m envious, but that’s ok 🙂 The point is that, if you are just starting out, your first blog posts are not going to be as good, and that’s ok. It’s normal. Don’t let that bring you down. By persisting and by producing content, by keep writing, you will become better. So don’t give up and don’t lose your motivation.
  3. Don’t be afraid to change subjects. I see this as an advice on blogs, or on the blogging facebook groups I participate. It’s ok if you want to write something else. If you write recipes, but tomorrow you want to write about your day at the hairdresser, go ahead. I don’t think Google will punish you for that.
  4. Tell stories. I know it’s not that easy. It’s something that I also want to become better at. And I guess the best way is to keep writing – remember point 1? But telling stories and sharing your own perspective, is captivating. Sure the “top 10 lists of that” and “how to do this and that” articles have their place in your blog, but in my opinion, telling stories is what makes a blog successful.
  5. SEO is good. Yes, I can’t deny that. However, don’t stress yourself with too many technicalities. Start slowly, one step at a time. For me Titles are always important. I have a guide on that, which I did my best to use simple language and easy to understand examples. But yes, it can definitely help to get discovered.
  6. Engage. If you want and if you have the time. But it helps. I like helping other bloggers out, and following the ones that are close to my interests. Do the same, and most of the bloggers I have encountered are nice and helpful.
  7. Now a bit of a cliche, but it’s true. Love what you are doing. Write things you love. Don’t start a blog and pick a niche, for the sake of making money. I know you want to monetize, I really do, and I hope you do. So do that while writing about something you really care. I love websites, WordPress, blogging, I do tutorials, I do podcasts, and I love writing about these things. I want to help and share what I know to others that could find it useful. I have the occassional travel or lifestyle blog post as well, and that’s why I wrote point n.3
  8. Use pictures. I know, I should listen to my own advice as well. But yeah, people love seeing images, I love seeing images, and I feel it creates an even more relatable feeling if it’s you on the pics, or you that have taken the pics. Help people like you and your blog will instantly increase its chances of success 🙂

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Jordan Akana
Jordan Akana
6 December, 2022 5:55 pm

Such great info! I have been working on trying to monetize my blog so this is great info

6 December, 2022 9:17 pm

These are non-conventional tips, I love it. I get stuck usually because I want to write about something else sometimes but I always feel like I have to stick to my niche.

7 December, 2022 12:52 am

It’s so true, writing about what we are passionate about is always the best plan or we would get bored too quickly! If Google already finds your blog then having some posts that are fairly unrelated won’t make any difference!