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How to Maintain Motivation as a New WordPress Blogger in 2023

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As a beginner blogger, it can be hard to stay motivated and push through the tough times.

You might get discouraged if you don‘t see an immediate return on your investment, or if you aren‘t getting the results you expected. And with blogging, you need to remember that you are in it for the long run. It’s tough to work hard and not see results straight away, whether that’s good analytic results or engagement in your blog.  Trust me I know because I’ve been there, heck, I’m still there.

Even if you are passionate about your blog and believe in your mission, it can be a challenge to keep going, because sometimes even to the best of your intentions, it just gets tough.

Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks to help you stay motivated in 2023 as a beginner blogger.

Here are five of the best:

1. Set realistic goals.

Setting small and achievable goals can help you stay focused and motivated. Break down your larger goals into smaller chunks, and give yourself rewards for completing each step. This will help you stay on track and make progress. Something that has helped me a lot – and this is not an affiliate link or anything – is Marie Forleo’s book, Everything Is Figureoutable. The principle of this book is exactly that. To avoid getting overwhelmed by a huge task, break it down in small chunks where is more manageable and easier to help you track your small goals, that will eventually become one huge goal.
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Setting goals as a beginner blogger is important because it helps to keep you motivated and focused on the task at hand but it also gives  you a sense of direction and purpose, and can help to ensure that you are making progress towards your end goals. Additionally, It’s a great way to help you stay consistent. Think of it as an advanced to do list. 

2. Celebrate successes.

No matter how small, celebrating your successes will help you stay motivated. Share your successes with your followers, and take time to reflect on what you have accomplished. That is very important and it is something that I also want to get better at. My boyfriend keeps telling me, don’t forget what you have achieved so far in life. Sometimes we get lost in our own head, and we forget all the things we have managed. Like, you, for instance. You managed to set up your first WordPress website, right? Congrats! It’s not a very easy task if you haven’t done it before, so you should definitely celebrate that!

3. Network with other bloggers.

Connecting with other bloggers can be a great way to stay motivated. You can share stories, advice, and tips with other bloggers in the same boat. You can also learn from their successes and mistakes. There are amazing groups on Facebook and I’m a member of some, and I’m sure there are some cool discord servers as well. Many have strict rules to avoid toxic comments and to only focus on positivity, support and helping each other. These are the groups you need to be a part of 🙂
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4. Take breaks. Don‘t burn yourself out.

Omg, that! I know, I know, we want to do everything now, at once, in one day. But it’s impossible. Think that there are companies that hire people to run their company’s blog, full time. That means it is a full time job, it can’t be done in one day. So don’t worry, and just make a weekly to-do list. One step at a time. Remember to take breaks from your blogging and writing and everything else that has to do with your WordPress website. I know that you “just want to fix that thing here” or “write this piece there” but do it in an organise manner and take breaks 🙂

I hope the above tips will help you to stay motivated and to keep loving your blog. Let me know in the comments if you feel any of the above are helpful or if you are struggling with something else.

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