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    How to find your dashboard in Super easy and fast tutorial

    You signed up to and you want to create your first post. You know that there is a dashboard somewhere but you scan’t find it. You end up in this reader/my sites page with basic posting capabilities. UUUggh, where is it?

    It’s super easy and I will show you how to find it. I know it’s frustrating because I was frustrated myself. But worry not, Spacecookies come to the rescue.

    I want you to login to your account as usual. You will probably end up on your Reader page and it will look something like this:

    wordpress com dashboard


    Next to the Reader that I have marked with read you see the word “My sites”. Click on it and you will be then taken to the following screen:

    wordpress com my sites


    Scroll down to that page and see on the left side menu at the button the word WP Admin. Click on the little square and arrow on the side:

    wordpress com wp admin

    Once you click it you will be then forwarded to your dashboard!

    wordpress com admin panel

    And that’s how you reach your dashboard. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions or comments don’t forget to leave them bellow.


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