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3 Easy steps to find a name for your blog now

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You are starting a blog, YAY, and you want to find a good, correction, a great name for it. But you don’t know where to start or what to think in order to come up with a name that will work well for your blog, in terms of branding and marketing. Because that’s why we want a good blog name, right?

Don’t worry, I’ll help you find a name for your blog that will represent your goals and vision for your new blogging adventure. And I have some tools for you at the end of this article, to help you get going so keep reading.

I mean, let’s get the easy idea out of the way right? There is nothing wrong with using your own name as your blog name. Many bloggers do that, so if you feel you want to use your own name, then go ahead. I’m doing it on this website. The X is my first name’s initial and Syrakou is my last name.

However, there are many who don’t want to use their own name, and that’s totally fine. It might make sense to use a brand name, or some other words, that resonates better with the style of their blog.

So let’s get started, but, first things first.

Before you find a blog name

Before you decide on your blog name, it’s important to have figured out the topic of your blog. The name should reflect your blogging subjects so if you are a travel blog then different words make more sense in comparison to a recipe blog. Well, both blog names could potentially have the word “journey” so maybe this is a bad example 😀 but if you make a finance blog then different words make more sense there.

Do you have a niche or a topic? Awesome, let’s go to the next step.

Putting together keywords as potential blog names

How would you do that? Well, make a list on a notepad, or a Google spreadsheet that we are going to name “Your Inspiration List” and write a few keywords, random words that are related to your blog niche.

You need to perform a keyword research to find similar words, or you can just sit down and brainstorm with yourself. Alternatively, you can browse your favorite blogs that are in the same niche as your new blog. You need to discover words that appear often in places where your target group exists.

Speaking of: What is your target group? Is it moms? Is it foodies? What words appear more often in their circles? Write them down on your inspiration list.

Try to combine different word groups together, like a verb and a noun, like “The eating pan”, or “The dancing bunny”.

I have no idea if the above make any sense, but the goal is to explain how to use this method and hopefully give you some inspiration.

You can combine an adjective and an oun, like “The hungry pan” or “The happy bunny”.

You get the idea. Keep adding the combos in your Inspiration list 🙂

Pro tip: Use online thesaurus tools.

If you feel stuck, try going online and search for synonyms. You might have one word in your head but there could be a few better options out there. Visit the following websites to gather synonyms and add them to your list:





The whole process of how to find a name for your blog is very important and in reality, you are performing marketing research here.

It’s very important that the name will reflect the essence of your blog and that it will be a name that your visitors can easily remember so that they can write it or Google it fast. Most importantly it will reflect your personality and your blog’s character.

How to blog

But, please, don’t feel stressed. I wouldn’t expect you to do that in 5 minutes. Even though I know that when we get the desire to start a blog we want to do it now. However, I advise you to take a day or two, or more if you need to, to really think about it. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, worry not, as there are tools that can help you in finding a blog name.

Why didn’t I say so earlier, you may ask? Well, I want you to use the tools of course, but I want you to also think and brainstorm a bit and do some sort of market research. You want to start and grow a blog, so it’s important to build solid foundations on it and a good blog name is very important.

I personally use my own name here, because I consider this website more of a personal space and it’s not 100% dedicated to one topic, instead, I cover 2-3 different ones, even traveling.

Therefore, it makes total sense for me to use my own name. If you are feeling the same for your blog then I encourage you to use your own name as well.

Do you agree or disagree with this kind of thinking? Feel free to share your opinion whether you agree or disagree in the comments below 🙂

As promised, here are some tools to help you find a name for your blog.

Blog name generators




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