How to create stories on Instagram

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Do you want to create stories on Instagram but are not sure how to do it? I’m here to help you and I will go through the process in as much detail as I can.

For the purpose of this tutorial I assume that you already have an Instagram account. Once you open your app you see instantly the pictures that the people you are following have been sharing.

Above them you see a row of avatars of some of your contacts. These are the people you follow that have posted a story. But what is a Story and why is it different than the pictures you upload?

Stories are short-lived pictures, in other words they are pictures that will disappear after 24 hours. If you are familiar with Snapchat, then you know what I mean.

So now that you know what it is, let’s make your first story.

Step one.

Open your instagram app:

Step two.

See where you stories appear and notice a little camera icon. Click on it:

Step three.

Point at what you want to show and take that picture (I suppose there is no need for an explanatory image on this one).

Step four.

Pimp it up with some emojis. Or do you want to make a drawing? Type something? On top right corner you can find all these options. Feel free to experiment.

Step five.

Click on Your story that you see on the bottom left side of your screen.


And that’s it! Congrats! You have created your fist Instagram story.

See how easy it was? Now show me what you can do and share your Instagram on the comments.

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