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How to create a sitemap in WordPress in 5 minutes (super easy)

blog and sitemap

There are many ways to create a sitemap of your WordPress site, but I will show you how I do it with the free version of the Yoast plugin.

You definitely need to do this, especially if you are a new blog. The reason why you are probably searching for sitemaps is because you read it’s a good idea to submit it to Google, and I couldn’t agree more. That’s exactly what I want you to do 🙂

Before you generate the sitemap, you would need an account in Google’s search console. It’s super easy. Follow the steps in validating your property. I usually do it by adding a meta tag. It’s the easiest, but you choose what method works best for you.

Then you need to go to your WordPress dashboard, and go to plugins. Then go to Add new and search for Yoast. Install and Activate it.

Once Yoast is active, locate it on your left vertical menu inside the dashboard, go to the General page and click on the Features tabs. Scroll down a bit until you see the XML option. It should be turned on. Then click the ? symbol as seen in the image below. It will show you a link that if you click it, it will take you to your xml sitemap page.

sitemap yoast

Copy the part after your domain name, and paste it in the Sitemap tab in Google’s search console as seen below.

google sitemap

And that’s it, you are done! Now you know how to create an xml sitemap and submit it to Google.

Good job!

Thank you for reading and see you soon.

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