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How can an introvert enjoy live streaming?

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How can I, as an introvert get energy from streaming? Because I do. I kid you not, even if I’m exhausted, the moment I go live, I’m fully charged and ready to go.

The question arises: How me as an introvert, that the thought of going at a party with people I don’t know is a definite NO and gives me the chills, love going live on my streaming platform and talk to people?

How is this possible? Well, it is 🙂

Let me explain though. I have a small audience of about 10 people at maximum. So I’m not used to streaming in front of hundreds or thousands of people. Still, I have listened to interviews of other successful streamers, who are in the thousands, who also define themselves as introverts and who love streaming to a live audience.

Apparently, streaming is a great career for introverts.

It’s not a big surprise when you think of it, that, sure, you talk to thousands of people, but you are at home, at your computer, in a safe environment (I know there are cases where it’s not always a safe environment but this is a different topic for another article) so that is how introverts can handle interaction with so many people. And it’s in the form of chat, not meeting in real life. So in reality you are both in a similar situation, both at home or at least somewhere, using a device, to watch a stream and interact with the streamer and the other people in the chat. Relatable and easy to do.

Do you know Chris Do? If you haven’t heard about him here is a short info. He describes himself as a “loud introvert”. He is a designer, Youtuber, educator, public speaker, you get it, but he also defines himself as an introvert. He has a lot of knowledge to share with the world and I do enjoy his speeches and videos. So if you want to see what a successful introvert looks like, I encourage you to Google him.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you want to isolate yourself, or not have any social interactions with other people. Sure, sometimes you wanna do that, but it means that you enjoy the company of close friends.

It means you like being alone to recharge.

It means you enjoy working alone – which doesn’t exclude teamwork.

It means I like to hang out with people I know and feel comfortable with. I will meet new people, but I will take my time in getting to know them.

I have been to gatherings and parties and had a great time while there, but the next day I always want to stay low and relax at home to recharge my batteries.

Of course, there are exceptions and it has happened that I have clicked instantly with certain people. But I do feel like I need to recharge my batteries, whereas other people who define themselves as extroverts, usually claim they take energy and they recharge by being surrounded by other people.

Back to the streaming.

Xanthi in her studio

I love streaming. I was not as comfortable at first, and maybe that is a sign of being an introvert, but I pushed myself, I practised to get comfortable talking to a camera and sometimes to 0 audience. But I wanted to be part of this world, of the streaming world so I did it and I feel proud I got over my fear.

A lot of credit for this achievement of mine goes to David Foster who was my streaming mentor at the time, as well as my friend Grymskull as we started our streaming journey kind of at the same time.

However, I’m still and always be an introvert. I don’t know how I would react if I had to do that in front of a live audience. I’m sure there are many introverts who are exceptional public speakers, but I suppose this is another thing that takes time.

What are your thoughts? Do you relate to any of the above?

Are you an introvert? If so, would you see yourself streaming?

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