Get your Geek on ep#4 – Ghosts and stuff

Join us on our fourth episode where Kerstin and I talk about ghosts, and not only. We will talk about our favourite TV shows and well, Kerstin likes ghost. I like spooky things but not necessarily ghosts. I admin I get easily scared, but I love supernatural stuff (hint hint).

Who knows what else we are going to talk about? Maybe some 90s TV shows memorabilia? Xena, Hercules? Babylon 5?

Or something more 00s, likeĀ Battlestar Galactica? Join us to find out.

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Xanthi and Kerstin cover a range of geeky and nerdy topics on their monthly video podcast or vodcast šŸ™‚ Are you a geek? Do you like fantasy, sci-fi books, do you like board games, well anything geeky and nerdy is welcome, so you are welcome too. On today’s episode we cover the hot subject of being a mother and a geek. What are the challenges and the rewards? The good and the bad? The unexpected? Join us to find out!

We are both members of the Swedish book-club called Viking booty , which is the swedish chapter of Felicia Day’s (and friends) book club VF.

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