What’s in my bag – as a front end developer and a woman

Don’t you also get a nice cozy feeling from having a backpack, with your laptop and all your necessities and walking around, going to school, or work, or to a meeting with a coffee in hand? I don’t know about you but I feel good with this image. This is why I always try to […]

Local youth club LAN event by Wernamo331

As a gamer myself I was honoured to be invited to this LAN (ok to be fair it was an open-for-everyone-event. The reason why I feel honoured is because the guy organizing the whole thing liked my video that I posted on Instagram and asked me to come and shoot some videos of the LAN. […]

Must have items on a plane

It’s not that I’m a frequent flyer but I live in a country different than my home country so I travel a few times a year to visit friends and family. The flight from Sweden, well actually Denmark, to Athens is approximately 3 hours. It’s not too short not too long either but in any […]