Blogging like it’s 2000. A day in the life of spaceMorgy

On this article I’m going to go personal and write like I used to when I was using livejournal back in early 2000. Ha! That was not my intention when I started writing this post right here but now I got curious if that blog I had back then still exists *embarrassing* *searching*…

Nope, the blog name is there but the entries are all gone. Well it’s been more than 10 years since I last blogged there so I’m not surprised.

Anyway, my point is that this post is going to be a simple “what I have done today” post like we used to do back when the www was only beginning  to take over our lives.

I woke up at around 6:30am which is a fantastic *sarcasm* time. You see I have a toddler who is an early riser so my mornings usually start at anytime between 6 and 7 am.

Made myself a coffee and then a second and stayed in bed with my little one, he on my tablet watching cartoon, me on my computer blogging and just browsing.

After a while we got up to have some breakfast. It was yogurt for both of us. Then it was just a slow paced morning. The kid hanging out with the dad, me sorthing out the laundry, the dad doing some dishes, the kiddo playing and when the both of them went out to the store for some small groceries I just continued with household chores.

At the same time though I was listening/watching to some Youtube Ted talks. I enjoy more listening to some motivational, or marketing related or something in that direction talks. My favourite youtuber in the marking area is Gary Vee. That guy is amazing.

Then the boys came back, I had a shower, we had lunch and after that it was nap time. I co sleep with the kid which is so cozy and I will miss it, even though for the moment I don’t enjoy waking up with a tiny foot in my face. We kind of overslept for an afternoon nap, so let’s see how bedtime will be affected. Well it’s Saturday so he can stay up for little longer.

Now we are up, I had already another coffee and I’m blogging this fantastic piece of content 😀

Ideally I would like to shoot a Leia video. You probably don’t know what I mean but I have a small Youtube channel were I do geeky stuff so currently I’m making small reviews/showcasing videos of our 80’s Kenner Star Wars figures. If you are into these things, you can see one of my videos here: (but you don’t have to)

Now I’m getting hungry it’s time to eat something. Let’s see if I eat something in the healthy or the unhealthy spectrum.

What do you usually eat on Saturdays as a favourite snack?



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