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Get your Geek on ep#3- Geeks and motherhood

Xanthi and Kerstin cover a range of geeky and nerdy topics on their monthly video podcast or vodcast 🙂 Are you a geek? Do you like fantasy, sci-fi books, do you like board games, well anything geeky and nerdy is welcome, so you are welcome too. On today’s episode we cover the hot subject of […]

Get your Geek on ep#2- Being a geek in Creece

Today we will speak with Kerstin what was it like to be a geek in Greece in the old times (ok mostly 90s) but also in Sweden, where we live now 🙂 Join us. Xanthi and Kerstin cover a range of geeky and nerdy topics on their monthly video podcast or vodcast 🙂 Are you […]

Crocoblock plugins for WordPress and Elementor – overview 2022

Hello guys and girls. Since I’m using Crocoblock almost on a daily basis for work, I’ve decided to make some videos where I go through as many as I can widgets from their lifetime bundle. I don’t use or know by heart what all of their widgets do, but I know a few pretty well. […]

How to write a great Title Tag for SEO

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In this article, I will give you a few tips on how to formulate your title for best SEO results.

First, let me say there is no such thing as the perfect SEO title but we all aim towards perfections. We try our best 🙂


It doesn’t matter if you have written your article or not yet, but I would recommend writing the whole article or blog post first so that you have all the nice keywords in your head and then work on your title.

Get your Geek on #1 Meeting Felicia Day in Comicon Stockholm

Get your geek on

Our very first episode with Kerstin aka Nemiqt We will talk about our book club, how Kerstin met Felicia Day at comicon 2021 in Stockholm, and more geeky stuff. She met the girls from Imagilabs that you can see on the video. They are a group of women that encourages women to start into programming. […]

Pop goes the stream ep#1 Watchmen

pop goes the stream

Who watches the Watchmen?   Episode #1 of our Pop goes the stream monthly vodcast/podcast. For our First show with your co-hosts Robert Lee and Xanthi Syrakou we’re going to dive in and give our thoughts about the popular Graphic novel/movie and TV show, the Watchman. Show Description: Our monthly show is inclusive and welcome […]