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How to start a podcast in 2022

Do you have a smartphone? Then congratulations, you can start a podcast right now. I’m going to explain how I’m making my podcasts and hopefully my ideas will help and motivate you to get started. Let’s get right to it. (Note: I am NOT affiliate with any of the services I mention below. They are […]

Pop Goes the Stream ep #7 – The Batman

Episode 07 Description: The Batman has been out in theatre since March 3rd and is now on HBO Max and DVD/Bluray. Think it’s safe to talk about the movie. Still, spoiler warnings, if you haven’t seen it as Xanthi and Rob, will be talking about the movie and sharing their thoughts. Come join the discussion, […]

Pop Goes the Stream ep #8 – The Kessel chat (our awesome friends)

  Episode 08 Description: A Long time ago in a live stream far far away.. hang on it’s August 19, 2022. Xanthi and Rob are back from holiday, with a BANG Today we’ll be joined by Jeff Bull & Ryan Rose from The Kessel Chat, where we’ll be talking all things about Star Wars and […]

Pop Goes the Stream ep #6 – The 90s

    Episode 06 Description: We had a blast talking about 1984 and so did you. And because you requested it for our next show it’s the 90s!!!!! PLUS we’ll be joined by Xanthi’s co-host of Get Your Geek On, who also started her new YouTube program “Nostalgia Friday” Kerstin Eksmo !!! Come join the […]

Pop Goes the Stream ep #2 – ” Dune – Matrix “

    Episode #2 of our Pop goes the stream monthly vodcast/podcast. Our Second show with your co-hosts Robert Lee and Xanthi Syrakou We’re going to dive in and talk about Dune. Rob’s watched both the 1984 and 2021 version of DUNE. Xanthi’s read the book and saw the 2021 movie so it’ll be interest […]