Pop goes the stream ep#5 – 1984 the year of epic pop culture milestones

On this episode Xanthi and Robert will discuss about the cool 80s, and most specifically about the year 1984 and all the cool pop culture things that happened. Films, songs, toys and more. Join us to find out and participate. Official episode description: No time machine required as Xanthi and Rob go back in time […]

Get your Geek on ep#4 – Ghosts and stuff

Join us on our fourth episode where Kerstin and I talk about ghosts, and not only. We will talk about our favourite TV shows and well, Kerstin likes ghost. I like spooky things but not necessarily ghosts. I admin I get easily scared, but I love supernatural stuff (hint hint). Who knows what else we […]

Pop goes the stream ep#4 – The marvel universe and X-men

Join us on our fourth episode where we are going to dive into the Marvel Universe. What happened with X-men? Are they coming back? Why do we see more Avengers? Watch the replay here:   March 3rd 3PM – EST 9PM – CET 👉You can find Rob at …👈 Website: https://shalalalaproductions.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShaLaLaLaProductions Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertlee6/ […]

Simple tips to make your website load faster (not too techy)

Here I am, I who I consider myself tech-savvy and I know how to make nice websites etc etc… being sloppy and making rookie mistakes, even to one of the websites I’m currently building. Let’s get right to it. If you have a slideshow or use many images on your website (first page or more […]

Free vs Paid WordPress themes: Do I need to buy one?

woman working on laptop

I might appear controversial on this one but my honest opinion is that if you are starting now as a blogger I highly recommend you get a free theme from the official Wordpress theme selection.

If you are a business one can argue that you should invest in a premium theme, for aesthetic reasons, and that could be true. However, there are plenty of good looking free themes that would suit perfectly a small business website.

4 easy on-page SEO tips for your new blog or business website

When you first start your website or blog is important to optimize it as much as you can so that Google can index it as soon as possible. On this guide, I will go through a few of the basic and, in my opinion, most important on-page SEO things that you can do. These steps not only will they help you rank but they will also help you understand a bit more about what SEO is all about because we should be honest. SEO is not easy. It requires a lot of effort and planning before you start seeing results. But let’s continue to our tips for on-page SEO.