The basics of blogging: what is it, and why should you care?

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Blog has been around for years. According to the facts, the first blog was created in 1994. And your well known Blogger, the blogging platform that is owned by Google since 2003, was created in 1999. You can check out the entire blogging timeline in this cool link.  A blog is a log kind of […]

So you want to start an online business – a how to guide part 2

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  Welcome to the second part of how to start an online business or create a web-shop. If you have missed the beginning then click here for the first part of the online business guide.   Starting up your business You know what you want to do, you know what to sell, so it’s only […]

How to start an online business – 2022 guide, part 1

  So you want to start an online business in 2022 You are ready to take the next step in your business career and you said “f*ck it with my 9-5 job, I will create my own online business.” Great! Congratulations! The reasons why you want to start an e-business (such a ’00s term I […]

How to make a WordPress blog using Astra theme (video)

blogging with astra

Hey guys and girls. In this video tutorial I show you how to start your blog using Astra, from scratch. Like we go very basic here. It can be overwhelming when one has no WordPress themes experience, but that’s why are here. And you know, I’m so happy you want to start your own blog. Astra […]