How do I add a new page or post in Elementor?

Elementor is one of the most popular page builders in the market right now for WordPress, which allows you to easily create and design custom pages and posts for your website, without needing to know code. Let me tell you, it has saved my life! I completely believe that it is a great tool for […]

How to start a blog – a practical step by step guide

get started

The absolute beginner’s guide, but this is the only guide you need. Congrats on wanting to join the fantastic world of blogging and content creation. I really mean it 🙂 it’s challenging, it’s hard work but it’s soooo rewarding. You’ll love it. But I hope you are ready for some hard work. So here we […]

Free tools for checking website speed optimization

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As a beginner blogger, it’s essential to optimize your website’s performance. Utilizing free tools to measure and analyze your website’s speed can help you identify areas for improvement. I know I do it all the time and it’s actually very helpful to have a tool pointing me in the right direction of improving my site, […]

What is a digital twin?

man working on computer with a big wall scren behind him showing charts

We were chatting with my partner about AI just now. I have been mindblown with ChatGPT and Midjourney so I have been testing these amazing tools. So as we were talking about these wonderful technological tools, another term came to his mind, and that is the term digital twin. You see, he works in a […]

How to blog using AI tools and techniques

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You have just started blogging or you have been blogging for a while, and you see that the hot subject nowadays is AI. You see many people using it, creating art, creating content, but you wonder, how to do that yourself? How to use AI to maximize your blogging efforts? How to use AI in […]

How to start blogging as a stay at home or working full time mom?

womans hands on keyboard blogging

Being a parent and a blogger has its challenges, the main one being time. We don’t have much time. We have our families, our kids to take care of, and that’s ok. However we have dreams and hopes and we want to be bloggers. Is it impossible? Absolutely not 🙂 it is very much possible […]