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A day and night in Gothenburg visiting a theme park during Halloween – A lifestyle kind of blog

This is a different kind of blog post. I wanted to share with you our trip to Gothenburg where we visited their themed park Liseberg, to celebrate Halloween. We went on  a Friday so it was a regular working day for us but we could finish early, pick our son from school and drive at around 3pm so that we are there in good time. The whole was to be there when it’s dark, so that the light shows and the smoke effects would make the whole Halloween experience even spookier. 

But let’s start the day.

Here is what my daily life look like at work 🙂 I have a nice desk and all the tools I need to work on our websites. If you are new here, I do WordPress development (still a lot to learn) using Elementor. I have a lot of video but also blog tutorials on the subject. But we won’t be talking about that In this blogpost. We will be talking about our Halloween trip.

So here was my morning

Xanthi at work

Then we hit the road and after couple of hours or so, we arrived in Göteborg, or Gothenburg.

road traffic

We stayed in the Gothia Towers, which is a hotel right across the park. Very convenient, especially if you have small kids. We just left our bags, chilled for a few minutes and went to the park.

Gothia towers


I was so hungry at some point. Our son was so excited so food was not a priority so I said, you guys I’m gonna have to find something to it. Some background info: for the past 4 weeks, I am on a diet plan, as I’m trying to lose weight, and it works great. I was free actually to eat whatever I wanted by my nutritionist for that day, she is awesome, but still I wanted to be careful so I wasn’t going to eat any hot dogs or similar. They have great restaurants in that park which I had googled in advanced and I found a vegan place. I’m not a vegan but I figured ok, cool, veggies, lentils and the likes, should work great. And oh, my god, it did. The place is called The Green Room and they have buffet. It’s not a huge one, but it had a nice selection of warm and cold dishes. To be honest, everything that I tried was delicious. I stayed to cold dishes mainly, like salads. Everything was amazing. I highly recommend it, even if you are not a vegan.

vegan dish
A selection of zucchini, humus, pumpkin, broccoli, kale, quinoa


And now that I have eaten I was ready to continue the ride. I was, however, getting tired. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I was actually exhausted xD and I wish I were back at the hotel in the comfort of the bed, but oh well, the my son was in 150% of his energy xD so I just had to keep up.

We did some cool rides together, and he did some more with his dad, the ones I don’t dare. I’m not a roller coaster person, not even the kids kind. But those two are, and they had fun.

Here are some more pictures.

The day after it was breakfast at the hotel.



We were going to home the same day, but I wanted to do some shopping, hehe, so we all went downtown for coffee, some shopping, and lunch. But the main goal was to go to the Museum of Natural History. Which we did, and it was very interesting. The cool thing is that it has a free entrance so it’s perfect for families, but actually for everyone that is interested in nature. Some parts were closed as they are renovating it, but I thought it had a great exhibition selection.

Oh, btw, pro tip:

If you ever find yourself in Gothenburg, do not drive! Trust me. And I come from Athens, Greece, which has a crazy traffic, but this one is insane. It’s not that it’s too much traffic that you can’t drive, it’s that the roads, the lanes and the whole city traffic design is so weird and out of place, and there are always construction work happening that makes following Google or Apple maps impossible, because according to the map you are supposed to turn somewhere right, but oh no, the road is blocked and you have no idea where to drive next. If you are not a local, it’s hard to navigate.

Next time, we agreed it will be public transportation only.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, and if you ever find yourself in Gothenburg, especially if you have kids, you are guaranteed a good time in Liseberg. Just plan ahead and scope the selections of the restaurants. Some require to book a table cause you might end up waiting in a line. But you can of course find fast food restaurants, pizza and hot dog kiosks, family friendly restaurants with burgers, nuggets, pancakes, coffee and sweets and more.

All in all, besides my tiredness, it was a great trip.

Thank you for reading.

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5 November, 2022 9:35 pm

This looks like so much fun!! I love all your pictures!🍁🎃

6 November, 2022 12:40 am

It sounds as though you had a fantastic time (apart from the traffic!) and some delicious food. Thanks for the entertaining post and lovely pictures.

6 November, 2022 3:19 pm

This looks like such a wonderful place to visit! I loved your photos.Thanks for sharing.