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Xanthi in her studio


Hi! I’m Xanthi, an aspiring journalist and a seasoned WordPress and Elementor expert dedicated to demystifying the latest tech trends.

I’m a front-end developer at day — passionate techie and gamer at night trying to tell my story one article at a time.

Whether you’re here to pick up a new WordPress trick or to dive into the impact of emerging technologies, I’ve got you covered. Check out my articles, follow my journey on social media, or catch me live on Kick streaming with my fellow geeks. Let’s decode the future of tech together
Xanthi in her studio


Hi! I’m Xanthi.
Check out my articles, connect with me on social media, or catch me live on Kick, streaming with my fellow geeks.

I also post a lot about WordPress

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And then click the button bellow to read my blog posts with WordPress/Elementor tutorials but also with tips on how to start blogging.

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Visit my Youtube channel to watch my tutorials on how to use WordPress and Elementor.

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I know there are many things to cover when it comes to WordPress and Elementor, and I’m trying to create more tutorials as often as I can.

If you want help with something specific that you can’t find in my videos, please send me an email here. I’ll be happy to help.